Sunday, January 8, 2017

Winter Special

The cold front came. Low temps. Cold enough for a fire. Rain. Sleet. Snow. 

Fresh fallen snow over a bed of recent fallen leaves. A layer of snow and ice so thin it's embarrassing. 

But it makes for a write-up for the blog. So I donned the winter scarf, furry boots, mittens, and a little winter cap I had bought last year for one of the little ones. 

It was sad to have no one play in the "snow" with me. I made a snowball or two and threw it at the husband behind the camera. 

This will be my winter wonderland for the weekend. 

I'm not a winter person, so no love lost over the snow party I didn't have.







  1. That's a Beautiful Picture of You in the Snow ! Truly is! I don't like cold weather either - - I so look forward to the temps getting back into the 70's this week ! I look forward to hanging out in my Yard - - not in the Snow - - but in the Warm Temps & visit the Neighbors that are out in the Yard - - during the Warm Temps !

  2. We've had strange warm weather for Ohio! It was 60 over the weekend but a cold front is coming in and I do believe a few snow flakes along with it. I don't have a cute hat to wear for a photo op though! You look adorable!


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