Monday, March 5, 2018

Two Months Later

Christmas was over two months ago. I did do Christmas with family and friends. 

It snowed for the second time in two months, each for one day. I know now I don't need snow in my life. 

January and February birthdays have come and gone. You always need a cake and a gift. A February birthday calls for a king cake or two or three even if it has to be before your actual day. 

There was sewing projects done in the last two months. Another carousel horse quilt that I'm obsessed with for some reason. It's the third one I've made. And one I call the bird quilt. And a new adventure started in February that I'll share soon. 

Now it's March and I'm back. Maybe because it's springtime almost. Or maybe I miss the ol' blog. Or maybe it's because my blogging friends keep on blogging and it encourages me also. 



  1. Great Photos of the Family - - those little ones are truly growing up . Looking forward to being introduced to your new adventure which began in February.

  2. Nice family photos! Can't believe how fast time is going. Spring is almost here and our weather goes from cold to warm to back to cold. We have snow going on today and yesterday it was 52de! Crazy! We have a carousel park not far from here and it's has an antique carousel that's huge and beautiful and the park hosts bday parties and such. I may have to do a blog about it! Have a good week and may snow not bother you again! Although the photo you posted is beautiful!


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