Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A weekend of soccer and racing competition for Cohen and I didn’t make it to either one.  What kind of mawmaw am I? It wasn’t my doing to miss the activities but things happen. The mom kept me in the loop both Saturday and Sunday with snapshots she sent me.

So soccer up first on Saturday morning. He’s all over the ball so it’s safe to say he enjoys soccer.

Then ASAP after the soccer game they loaded up to travel over an hour to the 2nd race of the competition season for one dirtbike league. This will be his 3rd race of his entire life at age six
and a half. They joined 2 leagues. One league they’ve had one race and he placed first. This league they’re racing today has had 2 races of the season. He placed 8th the first one and fifth this one.

His mom said it was a race of hills, something none of the little ones were experienced with. Cohen wiped out once on the practice course and a bad wipe out on the competition race. He got a few scrapes and bruises to show. Thankful for the right safety gear to protect all the little racers.

I would have loved to been there in person to cheer him on. The mom said even though he had a tough spill and turn over he got back in the race and placed 5th out of 9 in his group.

He likes the competition and is gaining a lot of experience in so many avenues. Like sportsmanship, like not giving up, like knowing you did your best, like honoring the winner, like learning more about your dirtbike each race, like being grateful and a good attitude, and like a great life experience at an early age.

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  1. You are a wonderful Grandmother - - although you were unable to attend the Adventures - - those little ones know U were there "In Spirit". (Peggy)


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