Monday, May 6, 2019

Time to Graduate

One graduated from Pre-K this week. She was all smiles and did so great in participating in her class program and even had her on individual things to say.

It’s a small group at a Christian Academy. She can be shy at times but you wouldn’t have noticed on her special night.

Her Bible verse to quote was “I am wonderfully made.” Psalms 139:14
Her individual academic part was counting by 10’s to 100.
She led the class in one song.
And she and her friend led the finale’ special song with the motions which was “Baby Shark”.

As her teacher read her introduction as she marched into stage giving her name, etc, and that when she grows up she wants to be Princess Lollipop. I had to ask her big sister who Princess Lollipop
is. So FYI, she is the queen of Candyland and can have any and all the candy she likes.

We brought her some balloons to honor her with. So now she is ready and on her way to Kindergarten in the next school year. Don’t they grow up quickly?

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  1. This is the cutest blog I've read this year! She's adorable and I know she can go on to be any kind of princess she wants! This will be a fun thing to show her when she goes and graduates from high school and then college. Time goes fast! Congrats to that sweetie!


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