Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pay it forward

Val has played the Pay It Forward post. The rule is to send a little handmade love within the next 365 days to the first three people who signed up and commented on her post.

I was one of the lucky ones... See? It pays to leave those comments!

In turn, I have agreed to Pay it Forward and spread the joy by sending a little handmade goodie to the first three people who sign up right here. The only catch of course, is that you must agree to continue this lovely chain of handmade happiness to three people of your own. Oh, and make sure you leave me a way to contact you.

That being said....are you in?



  1. Your "swap group' give Valentine's Day a whole new meaning ! - - Those aprons are precious ! !
    Way too pretty to actually cook with :)

  2. I just discovered your blog - please do not feel lonely - I am enjoying reading all your entries!

  3. Hiya Gin! I came by way of Val and would love to Pay it Forward and spread some handmade joy!



  4. you have me and annemarie mixed up she left the comment earlier not me. She need to send you her address not me she doesn't have a blog if you look closely at her information you will notice I am a blog she follows not writes.

    Take care
    from wendy harbaugh
    aka sunshine from sunshine's creations
    not annemarie


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