Sunday, February 22, 2009

A day down home

I got to spend a few days down home. It was enjoyable. But not for a good reason. Peg had surgery. It was scheduled for an out patient, but it turned into 2 days. I went to take her to the hospital, stay with her, then bring her home.

So while at the hospital, I took some pictures of her 2 day stay. It was kind of like a vacation for me. And I told her I was going to do a story of her hospital stay so I could take pictures of everything. = I want show all of them, but just a few to give you an idea. This is her waiting before surgery.
She had to have a few test the next day, so I took a quick trip across the street to this:
She even told the nurses that she loved the food. No one understood quite why!!
She had visitors.
She got some flowers.

and finally we got to go home.
Her surgery was suppose to be out-patient gall bladder surgery. There was complications is why she stayed an extra day and a half.

She is doing fine. And I am glad I took pictures for 2 days. We enjoyed the laughs. I will leave the really good pictures for her to post. I don't want her to be mad at me for posting some that are really outrageously funny. I really had to refrain myself from posting those. Go here to see if she posted any on her blog!



  1. We hope her complications were not to complicated!!! She did look well in the pictures. Give her a hug from us!

  2. I am glad she is going to be okay! What a scary day!
    oh, Baton Rouge....we love to go to D'Angelo's there...and Juban's...and DiNardo's...and George's...and...can you tell I loved living there?


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