Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love on Wednesday's #3

Coloradolady is hosting Love on Wednesdays in February. Each Wednesday in February participants will post a picture depicting their view of love. This week I'm showing my love of the water.

I love the water. I am a Pisces so why wouldn't I?

But here I think I love the memories more than the water!

I love a clean white sandy beach with an ocean view where water is all you see beyond the beach with a beautiful sunrise and sunset. We went to the coast a lot when the kids were small. Here they are playing on the beach. They've been following a hermit crab.

I will take any kind of water. A swimming pool would be nice too. Swimming pools at the hotel on vacation is very nice.

Here are a few of the kids and a friend playing in the above ground pool we had when they were smaller.

But hey I don't get much beach time or pool time any more. So I will take any water. At this point and time in our lives we are taking in some boating/fishing trips. Here we are out on the river with all the kids and their boats too. This was my mother's day last year.
This was boating and fishing in our pond at our house with a little boat. See there is water.
This is a little bit of fishing at a nearby lake.
And what better way to end a day on the water by docking at Kevin's and all enjoying a nice scrumptous dinner.
We've taught our kids well for the love of the water too. God made the water and intended for us to enjoy it.

I hope I didn't bore you with my "home movies". Go here to visit other participants in Love on Wednesdays.



  1. Gin, I love the water also, my Hubby likes to fish, but doesn't care for the Beach, I have missed a lot of trips to our Gulf Coast cause he'd rather go to the mountains. Thanks for sharing your fun moments with us, they are never boring.

  2. Hi, Gin! Ya know, I have almost always lived near a large body of water. I grew up visiting the pacific Ocean every Summer and I really miss it. We've lived near the Gulf and almost right on Lake Michigan but we've yet to visit the Atlantic. I really love a creek or river, too. my dream come true would be to have one on my property.

    Have a great Wednesday!

    ~ ♥ ♥ ~

  3. I love the water too; that's why I live on a lake. Come see.

  4. The whole family loves the water and we can't get enough of it in the summer months. Whether it's a pool, lake or a simple wading pool. Love your family pics.

  5. Gin - - Well everyone sure had a good time on the water - - - For a moment I thought I was there in the middle of it all - - ha ha

    Funny note- Brandon has on his shirt at the beech - - it's his character (lol) - -

    pix are beautiful - - - I remember your 3 children ALWAYS being in your pool in the summer - - and I do mean ALWAYS - ! ! ! ! some would just be 'floating' on the raft !

    Larry looks like he is truly enjoying that boat !

    By the way - who is the person next to him ? Perfect pix in front of delicious "Kevin's Seafood"

  6. Gin, I love the water too, it is outdoors and I love to be outdoors. Great addition to todays post...thanks for posting today! Have a lovely afternoon.

  7. I'm another water lover. I grew up in Long Beach, Calif. and went to the beach every weekend during the summer. Then in Vegas we had a pool..now we just go to the lake fishing, no swimming.
    I loved your pictures.

  8. your photos are the highlight of this post! looking at memories, gets me all choked up...thanks for sharing!

  9. I had a pool just like the one your kids were swimming in! I loved it! Cute picture of you and your fish!


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