Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love on Wednesday's #4

Coloradolady is hosting Love on Wednesdays in February. Each Wednesday in February participants will post a picture depicting their view of love. This is the final episode of Love on Wednesdays . She did a fantastic job of creating this fun for us this month. Thank you Suzanne.

I love February --because of --- Valentines Day, Mardi Gras, and My Birthday!!.
My birthday is Friday. Since I was a young teen I have shared my birthday with a family member. She was born on my birthday. Her name is Bobbie. We are technically cousins, but grew up together and are really closer as sisters. So ever year since then we have shared a birthday cake with both our names on it, shared the birthday party, and some must think we are twins because we are given identical presents at the birthday party. This has been going on for 40 years. Except a couple years when she lived out of state. No complaints here though, because I really like it.

The last 3 years we have added a threesome to our party. My sweet beautiful daughter (she is my daughter-in-law) Julie's birthday is March 2nd. So we have added her to our birthday celebration. Her name is added to the cake, she shares the party, and some of her gifts are identical to ours. She will be 23, so she does get some younger oriented gifts than me or Bobbie.

It's always a blast to celebrate a birthday, but when you have the tradition like we have it's even more of a blast. And I love it!!



  1. With three birthdays to celebrate, you've got a lot of love. Maybe not so much cake, though!

  2. The only thing better than a celebration is a shared celebration!

    Happy Birthday to you, Bobbie and Julie!

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Bobbie and Julie!! How fun to have kept this tradition up all these years...such a fun thing to do. Hope everyone has a wonderful day on their special day!

  4. When you celebrate the birthdays, think of me--I share the BD with your dtr in law, March 2nd. Fun,Fun,Fun. Do you shear the alpacas yourself? Do you also spin?? it into the yarn? Please don't mind all these questions but I think what you do is so fascinating. Have a Great BD Celebration .

  5. An early Happy Birthday, Gin! I hope you have a beutiful day.

  6. Happy Birthday to all of you. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

  7. It is better to share isn't it?!

    My baby boy came thisclose to sharing his birthday with his best bud in the world, his pop pop. One day apart.

    Happy Birthday to Y'all!

    Tammy Lee

  8. Happy Birthday a couple of days early, Gin. How special that is to have someone to celebrate and share the days with.

  9. Happy Birthday ! -
    I'm looking forward to getting a slice of that "Strawberry - Ambrosia Cake" - with all 3 of ya'lls names on it ! - - -
    Ya'll are a fun group !

  10. Happy Birthday Ginger!! Tell sweet Julie Happy Bithday from us too!!

  11. Hi, Gin! I sure thought I commented on this post! Happy belated birthday! ♥

  12. Where ya at girly? Hope you're okay! ♥

  13. Hi Ginger:
    Just stopping by to say hi and see if you are okay. Hopefully you are just busy and not sick.


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