Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love on Wednesdays

Coloradolady is hosting a photo meme Love on Wednesdays in February. Each Wednesday participants will post a picture depicting their view of love in all the right places. Here's what I think about when I think of love.
Love is a bouquet of red roses from my husband for no certain reason or occasion given to me only now and then when I least expect it. It may not be on Valentines Day or our anniversary, but just a special day that he is thinking about us.

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  1. first visit to your blog...
    the unexpected gifts are always the BEST! ;-) Bo

  2. How special...sounds like you have a "keeper" of a husband!

  3. So many husband forget that we need to know we are thought about, and when you recieve a special surprise like this you know he had to be thinking about you during the day. I agree you have a keeper.

  4. The unexpected bouquets always smell the sweetest.

  5. I love sweet of your hubby to surprise you with a bouquet for no reason.

  6. Those are the best kind of flowers to receive. Totally unexpected and you know it's from the heart.

  7. What a wonderful husband you have! *sigh* I think that is most special.

    I don't see too many of those types of things around here, but my husband is just not turned that way!

    But nothing can compare to a beautiful bunch of roses for no reason....I'm such a romantic at heart!

    Thanks for sharing today and participating...Have a "lovely" day.


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