Saturday, February 7, 2009

You gotta love this

This is too good to pass up and not share!!

I posted this week on Vintage Thingy Thursday about my 2nd grade reader. I got an overwhelming amount of comments and thank each of you so much. I enjoyed visiting each of your blogs also.

So the day after the post my email went crazy. I want to share with you email conversations between me and 2 of my siblings.

It went like this: (this is exact excerpts from the emails)

so tell me abuot the READER - - - - - That's amazing ! - - - - - you should display it n your home - - - That's truly amazing ! so what other school treasures do you have :)

Don't know how i wound up with it. just found it in my stuff from home a long time ago with my baby Bible. I'm sure maw-maw must have saved it for me.

Wanted to be sure ya'll read this -- anyway -- ya'll 2 are more alike that I realized - - - - Ginger has 'never returned her 2nd grade reader - - - - - and Bobbie has never returned the library book from 1983 back to the church library ! - - - - - -
(by the way - - I have the book in my car - - i just need to return it to Zemly Nell - - - I've already told her it was coming - - - she was glad to get it - - NOT mad - - but delighted - - becuz it would give another book to the library - -
And - yes, Bobbie -- it is your book - - (not mine)..Ginger - - - your hand writing was very good - - even in 2nd grade

tell me more about your 'reader' - - - Ginger - that's amazing - - who was your 2nd grade teacher -
You sure got a lot of 'visits' (comments) on that one

Peggy- why dont you return Ginger's book to the school? I bet they would be "delighted" to have it and not mad at all.

i'm keeping my book. after 40 years i would owe to much in book fines.....

“Oh Sure. Thats the way it always goes. Peggy lets Ginger keep her book but drags mine back to the library. I am the victim of family discrimination agianst me. Just another example in the long list... “

what have i created here. I'm just a poor lonely person trying to get some attention in blog land.... BTW this is terrific, I am going to use all of this in my next post.
i need to know the name of your book so I can have all the details. this is going to be so great. i'm going to put it all together today and have it posted for the weekend.

i love family!!!!!!

P.S. I guess you had to be there to see how funny!!)


  1. Thats a cute story...I love family My older brother always tells me I was the favorite...

  2. Well, that's not really how the story went - - Luv ya'll both

    P.S. post a pix of your baby Bible

  3. Funny post, my middle daughter says she suffers from middle child syndrome.LOL I wanted to thank you for your visit on my blog. I love it when a new friend drops by. Come back often, you're always welcome.


  4. Hi Gin, its Kaye ( I won the Whirl into Winter giveway) Couild you email me your address please, I have a little something to show you.


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