Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Halloween

I participated in a Halloween witches cupboard swap
I absolutely love my package I received. Thank you Sherry.
Witch's stew mix. So clever -- candy eyeballs, suckers, and other halloween candy, and plastic skulls, rats, spiders and stuff.
And pickled people. Instructions -- add green colored water to jar of skeletons.
My own witch's cookbook. Sherry did a fanstastic job making the the recipe book. I'm going to try the recipes.
And there are witch's family photos -- a family of demons with green eyes!! And fall popouri included! And the crocheted spider web with a spider on it!!!

And to my person I sent this:
One black witch's cat. It's not your typical Hello Kitty who is usually pink, white, cuddly and cute. But a black, arched back, crooked tail hello kitty who's been hanging 'round out back. Yes I made the cat.
And some witch's spices for her brew. A dash of spider, pinch of bat, stick of bone, and crawly creatures. Some pumpkin stones, eerie hands, halloween candy, and a witch's dishtowel. I hope she likes it all.



  1. I'm so glad you liked the stuff I sent you! I can breathe better now!
    I'm going to make some of those salt and pepper that idea!

    Happy Halloween!

  2. It's still a 'cute cat' !
    Love the bow around it's neck.

  3. What a fun swap package! Lots of ghoulish goodies. So glad you stopped by to say hi.


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