Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Halloween #2

Also, I completed my project for the Spooks Rattles Pots and Pans swap. It was to make a halloween apron to send.
I used this pumpkin spice fabric (that's the real name of the fabric), really cute. Lined it with a tiny orange checked fabric. Made a double pocket all the way across the bottom and appliqued a whimsy witch cut from fabric. Added this so cute orange/black spider web ribbon. Sure to make any witch happy to wear.

And instead of a traditional witch's hat, this witch will be wearing a witch's black rose and ribbon hairband. And I sent her a flask of edible bones for her brew and a cute bat serving plate.
I hope she likes it.



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  2. She will love it. The witch pix is - - may I use the word -- precious . It certainly gets one into the 'spirit of things'. Very cute ! Happy Halloween !

  3. Your apron turned out really cute. You are talented!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by earlier and entering my giveway...I wish you the best of luck with the drawing!!!


  5. I love your witch apron!! I would love to have one. and I love all the witch swapping goodies that you all gave and recieve. Hope everyone is doing well in your family. I had a few free minutes today, from all my school business. It was fun to get to visit.

  6. What a unique apron. I'm sure she'll love it.

  7. It's a great apron and swap package, thank you so much!!


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