Friday, October 15, 2010

A little bored?

Waiting for lunch.
Only one in the office.

I am bored.
So I'm reading blogs and posting on mine. 

We have a resident office cat. He/she comes to the door. We let him in. We keep cat food to feed him. He jumps up on every thing. But won't let you pet him. He slaps at you and bites you, but doesn't run away from you.

One of the guys hates the cat. And the cat goes to his work cubicle all the time. And the guy asks us "whose been fooling around my work bench?"

Well I got the culprit on tape.

But the culprit is cute!!



  1. love it....why do cats DO that? They always pick people that hate cats to love on.....must be on a mission to turn everyone into a cat lover :-)


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