Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spookify me Saturday

Join in with Val for some Halloween fun projects.

This week I'm hatching some spider eggs.

I got the inspiration from Martha Stewart. But I'm doing it my way, no plaster and I'm missing a few other supplies, but they came out cute.

Supplies needed:
small white balloons
plastic spiders
glitter paint
crazy glue or tape
red, green, orange and black markers
spider web
urn or bowl or some sort of container

  • blow up balloons. with colored marker shade in a peeled crack in the egg. with black marker make crack lines around the peeled crack.
  • paint spiders with glittered paint
  • attach dry spider with crazy glue to the balloon near the "peeled crack"
  • place moss in container, place "eggs" on moss. and drape the spider web over and around the eggs and urn. The web will help hold the light airy balloons down.
I didn't use moss yet because I didn't have any. I placed a glow light strip (which I got from the dollar tree) in the midst of the egss s to create the glow. Buy several so you can light up the spider egg nest throughout the coming weeks.

I'm not through yet. I also want to hang a giant momma spider over the nest of eggs.

Is this Halloween scary or what!!

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  1. oh wow...that is a neat idea. I'd love to see a photo of it lit up at night!


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