Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Probably you have heard or seen the topsy turvy tomato planter?

 Larry wanted a  "topsy turvy tomato planter, as seen on TV." 

So, farmer meets redneck, duck tape and all! .He improvised and made his own "topsy turvy tomato planter". See the arrow, it already has blooms.Although, it's not growing downward like the true topsy turvy. It's hanging in the almost finished greenhouse.

We are at war. I couldn't let him win, there are also the traditional planted in the ground tomato plants. See the green arrow pointing to the baby tomato.

Hope we have tomatoes.


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  1. I've often wondered about those topsy turfy planters - when ever I see one in front of someone's apartment, it's not doing well, so I don't know if it's neglect or if it just doesn't work all that well. Personally, I like mine in the ground with the support cages. Have fun! I LOVE fresh tomatoes, no matter how they grow, as long as they grow :-)


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