Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I see things, then think I can copy it and it will look just like the original. I need to remind myself that things aren't as easy as they look.

Thus, this project took a lot of planning and work. Probably because I didn't know what I was doing.

Supplies needed: etching cream, framed mirror, cut stencil, brush, and kitchen contact paper.

Etching cream - I read up on this on the internet. Couldn't find any, anywhere local. Finally ordered some online from Walmart. Price $21.03 for 10oz. Enough to do several projects. The bottle of etching cream has instructions for the project from start to finish.

Framed mirror - I looked for weeks everywhere. Couldn't find the size I needed, around 12 x 24. Finally found a framed picture at Family Dollar for $6.  Called a glass place and got a mirror cut and set in the picture frame and bought 2 little brushes for a total of $11.80. Total for framed mirror - $17.80

Cut stencil - what a pain. Could not find alpha in script in a stencil. No where. Not online. Not in any store that was in my area. So I made my own. What a pain in the booty! After many, many, many attemps I finally learned how. I printed the name in script from the computer at a font size of 450. Cut it out and then traced it on my kitchen contact paper. Then cut it out again and stuck the contact paper to the mirror, making sure it was centered on all 4 sides. What a pain! Cost - $1.50 for contact paper, which can be used for many projects.

Paint the stencil area on the mirrow with the etching cream. Let set 5 minutes. I of course gave it an extra 5 minutes. Don't think it made a difference though.  Rinse off with tap water. Yep, right in the kitchen sink. .

Peel off contact paper. And clean the whole mirror with windex.

To my surprise, etching cream really works. I can't show the finished project yet. It's a gift. Shhhhhhh. 


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