Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Happy Project Day == Wrap up

A life learning week.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The week has made me appreciate my own blessings that I certainly take for granted.

Why are some so unfortunate?

Yet, there are those who can't give back much now, but have in the past been the ones who spread a little happiness around them.

Monday project was easy. I didn't have to confront anyone. Just put my thank Yous on paper for being who they were in my life and send it off in the mail. Easy peasy. Done.

The Tuesday and Wednesday didnt happen. I had good thoughts to help the homeless. And to treat someone in a kinda pay it forward kinda way. But I consider my self a stranger to my area, and couldn't find the homeless . Excuses.

I did help a little old guy in the isle at Walmart trying to choose from the row of can tomatoes. That was Simple for me.

I saw the article in the newspaper about The Shoebox Campaign. I filled a shoebox. I went to the location I thought it said, couldn't find it. Ummm, I am still working on that.

Our dear veterans. On friday while at the bank there was a veteran program going on. I paused a moment, listened and spoke to one of the veterans standing in the background. It made me happy. But it's suppose to be about them.

Everyone, no matter their situation, deserves a happy day. The old, the child, the servant, the one with nothing. And by me spending just a moment in my day to think of them, to do a little something for them, to share a smile with them makes part of my day happy, too.

 I would love for everyone to be happy, to be comfortable, to have what they need. To be like me. But I can't help everyone.  Just the few I shared with this week doesn't even begin to make a dent in the needs of just my surroundings, let alone our nation, or the world.

By pooling our resouces we can reach more who need. I will be choosing a Christmas Angel from the Christmas tree at Walmart to give a gift too. I have done this for 3 years now.

The Happy Day Project should not end this week.
We should all be aware of the needs of those around us.
Not just during this holiday season.
Continue to help, either as a community group, or an occasional one on one.

Thanks to Jeannette for her care and concern for the needs around us. And for reminding us it only takes a little to make someone's day happy.


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