Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Day Monday

The Happy Day Project today over at is Hand Written Note Day.

There are so many I can think of that deserve a hand written note today. There's a sick person I know who is facing a tough stay in the hospital. There are family members who would love a note of cheer today. A single mom who sees no future, when her future is right there before her in her arms.

Sending just a thought saying I am thinking of you today. And really it's just not for today. Because I do think about them everyday. But today they get a hand written note telling them they are an awesome person and I am glad to be a part of their life.

I am sending out several hand written notes because I don't tell them enough that I do care.

And sending a note to my corner grocery. A bunch of ladies who work long busy hours. Always with a smile and a kind word to say. And always knows your name.


  1. I very much enjoyed your Monday note list.

  2. Wonderful project - - You are truly a Blessing to others - - hope you received my pkg - - for all those kind things you do :>)


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