Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Happy Day Project == Tuesday

The Happy Day Project == Tuesday is Gift Card to Homeless.

Do you know how hard that is here in my wilderness, in the middle of nowhere, where I am 25 miles from the nearest town? Yet, there are homeless everywhere, I just need to find them on my drive into the city this week. It's a small town. Very seldom do I see someone standing on the corner with a "hungry" sign.

But I know they are there. I know I probably look right over them. Me in too big of a hurry.

That's what this weeks projects are all about. To stop and look. To look at others rather than ourself.  We all make our choices. Some not so good choices and that person or family ends up on the street homeless and hungry. We don't know the cicumstances or the whys or the why nots. Just help if you can. Even if it's for one day. One day can make a difference.

A gift card ready to give to someone who needs something today. And with a smile they will know I do care and I'm not judging. Just sharing a little.


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