Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A TuTu for Your Valentine

TuTu's are all the craze! I made some tutu's for a little valentine. They were made for the baby shower honoring the little valentine to be.

Tutu's made for decorations and Tutu's made to wear.

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One tutu made of the mint green, pink, and white decorated the cake stand for the shower cake.

Here's a tutu-torial that I'm sharing. I had to make a quick tutorial to send to my shower hostesses so they could get the cake tutu and  made for the shower. Thank you sistas for doing a great job. Sorry but blogger only loaded a portion of the total tutorial video. Hope it is enough to get your started.

The video should show 12 inch strips of netting cut, then the strip folded in half and looped on the elastic all the way around, being sure to pull each loop taught and close together all around the circle of elastic. It took about 50 strips of netting to make each of these tutus shown in this post.

After the netting is looped around the elastic, I machine sewed a pink ribbon on the elastic, leaving hanging ribbon ends on each end to tie into a bow. Then I marked with pins the waist on the onezie and  hand blind stitched the tutu around the onezie.  I had already prepared the onezie with iron ons with the little valentine's name on one and the the other onezie was a store bought onezie with the pre-printed design on it. These were newborn size onezies.

A really cute popular project to make for your little valentine.

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  1. What an absolutely adorable shower gift. And I love the tutu on that cake. So sweet. I have 3 boys so tutus are not a part of my everyday life unfortunately. But I can admire from afar!

  2. Gin! Adorable and Id love to try making this. Do you think they could be made for two little girls about age 6 (she is petite) and apx 4 yrs old? Not great sewing skills here... lol I love your tutus Dianna


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