Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Favorite Thing This Week

I'm in love with canvas wall art. The art of your snapshots blown up to any size on canvas and stretched across a frame . Doesn't take much to make me happy.

The love affair started in 2011. I ordered 5 wedding pictures in different sizes for a wall grouping for Jennifer. They came out beautifully. With the wedding at Destin on the beach, it probably had a lot to do with me falling in love with canvas wall art . "Canvas People" was my choice of retailer for these.

So I have continued my obsessive love affair.

This time with my 2 babies Christmas snapshot of them together. (FYI they are not "my" babies, but are "my" grandbabies). So with a coupon on line, plus 50%off coupon, and a coupon I already had from ordering a lot of prints, I got a mega discount when I ordered 3 canvas wall art this week of 3 different snapshots. One for me. One portrait of each baby by their self for each of the babies parents. All in 16x20.

These are the snapshots I used for them. Couldn't resist.

I ordered these from Walgreens. Because (a) I wanted them pronto; (b) I had 3 coupons from when I ordered a lot of prints recently and there were on line coupons for their canvas wall art, which resulted in mega discount on my order;  and (c) I could choose any location to pick them up and since I was down home, that's where I needed to get them and it would be ready the next day.

Both retailers, Canvas People and Walgreens, products were great.  Even with different lighting, one group with sunlight on the beach and the other group with inside amateur lighting, I love the outcome of both sets.   Walgreens did have a nicer backing. Which was a black velvet like backing, like what's on back of picture frames.

Try one. You will love it. There are plenty of coupons out there to get a great deal.

Disclaimer:  these are strictly my personal opinions on products I buy and try for my personal use. I was not compensated in any way for this review.



  1. I love them too and will probably be a copy cat and get some myself

  2. The pictures were beautiful ! Wonderful results !


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