Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Update # 1 on Project # 2, How to Care for Your Christmas Poinsettia

It's the second month of my poinsettia project. You can read about it here. The site I'm using for my guidelines in caring for my Christmas poinsettia is here

I can't tell if mine is surviving or not. It's hard to tell.  The green leaves and red flower petal things are falling like flies. February is still suppose to be a time of just watering - not too much, not too little. Yeh right.

I don't know if "we" will make it the 28 days in February. I hope it's not rejecting my efforts. That's the words I read in the how-to article.  Sad, but it may be true.

Jan, Feb, & March instructions are simple:
   Simply continue to water the poinsettia as you would any plant, never allowing the soil to completely dry. If you need something to drink so does your poinsettia.

If only I can get to April where you don't really have to do anything. April does talk about the trash if you can't make it. .That's not what I'm hoping for. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and doing my best to follow the guidelines.



  1. I hope your plant makes it! I'm really impressed that it has survived this long. You've done a great job so far!

  2. Oh My ! Looks like it's certainly thriving ! It's Beautiful !

  3. Mine looks very similar to yours! I'm not sure if it's going to make it either..we'll have to compare plants in April!


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