Saturday, March 29, 2014

Yay !!!

Remember back here and here when I said I think this is a winner? Well, I was right. It had to win. It was so dog gone cute.

For favorite under the sea character we choose Bubble Guppies. This is the outfit when it was completed. You can read about how it was made and came together  here.


For beauty dress we choose to make a blue/white baby doll. You can read about making  it here.


This pageant was a local preliminary for LA Our Little Miss. First a theme wear of favorite under the sea character. Then the beauty dress part.

Bubble Guppies put a different spin on under the sea besides all the Ariel and Nemo stuff.  A lot of the older little girls would come up and say "ohhh look, bubble guppies." It was a hit with the other contestants and with the judges, too. Brooklyn got top winner in her age group for the theme wear competing with 12 others in the 12-23 month division. She sported a small crown during awards in this segment for her winning.

A few minor adjustments were made to the outfit before pageant day since I posted the Bubble Guppies project. The two gold ruffles on the top were really too big for such a small body. So I turned the ruffles half down and hand stitched them to make it more appropriate and it was just perfect.

The beauty dress was also a hit with the judges and with the pageant director. Not only did the dress give us a winner but our little contestant did nothing wrong.  First time ever she did so good.

 So the dress and her performance put her as Official Winner in her age division and she donned her crown, banner, and trophy. And she received award for best dress.

A few last minute adjustments were also made to this dress before pageant day. The mom thought the skirt was too full. It had 5 layers. She thought a few layers removed would be better. She was right. Two layers were removed and then I made shoulder straps instead of v-neck halter type straps. Then I shortened the ruffle around the top bodice. All the changes fell right into place and was just what was needed.

Yayyyy Brooklyn!!

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  1. Very cute and creative. Congrats to Brooklyn! (My grand-niece has the same name!)

  2. Just Beautiful - indeed ! The Creativity & color (Blue) is Marvelous. Brooklyn is such a little Princess!


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