Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This is one gigantic rose bush.
It is two bushes, one on each end of the trellis. There is a bird bath in the middle. You can hardly see the bird bath. The birds are probably too scared to get in the bird bath.

We built the trellis for it a few years ago. The trellis is 6 feet tall. And you can see it is overtaking the trellis. I did trim it way back last summer, and that must have been a good thing. Because just in the last few weeks it has exploded. Exploded with new limbs and climbers, and exploded in pink roses everywhere.

As soon as I get some garden gloves on I will push and shove and twist the limbs and climbers back in the trellis. 

I think I  have a pink thumb with this one!!



  1. Yes you do, Gin! That rose bush is a happy plant - it loves that spot. The flowers look like they smell like honey - do they?

    I love roses :-)

  2. It is stunning! You sure do have a pink thumb!!

  3. Gin - how beautiful! What a beautiful site to view from your window!

  4. Wow, that is beautiful. Does it bloom all summer? That is the one fall-back about Lady Banks roses. They bloom once in the spring and then they're done. I bet the birds love the birdbath!

  5. oh Gin, it is so beautiful! I am so envious cause it still looks like winter around here...the weather is nicer though so I am hopeful!!!!

  6. Gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my new blog! It's good to be back! :0)

    Hugs, Sharon

  7. so, you gotta send me a slip of those roses! They are amazing! Ours have exploded too....and the hummingbirds are BACK BABY!

    ack! larry is my secret word.....


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