Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crafty Update for You

This is the latest YOE crafts for the past 2 months. Last months craft challenge was songbirds.
These are the birds I made to send. It's the spool pattern, but I added silk flower petals for their tail feathers. Remember, these are Christmas ornaments we are making year round.

And, these are the birds I received in return. Cute little birds perched on their swing. They are also made from the spool pattern, and she put glass beads on the end of their tails.

This month is mermaids. .The mermaid I sent was made with sparkly pompoms threaded on a wire and a paper cutout of a mermaid (front and back) that is laminated with the wire placed between the two cutouts.

and I made an extra ornie for her - a pink flying pig (which she collects). This little piggy has a few rose buds, a little embroidery, some shiny glass beads, and soft fluffy wings.You can't see his tail, but there is a cute curly tail there.
I'm waiting for my mermaid to arrive and then I'll see what's up next for June's ornie.



  1. Your mermaid will be shipping out on Thursday!! But I LOVE my piggy! Woohoo!! and my mermaid is so cute too!

  2. You and your 'blog ladies' are a very crafty bunch of ladies. Ya'lls ideas are unique and precious! Love those birds - - but the little pig really gets first place - and that mermaid is a 'story book' glimpse.! Very adoreable! Peg

  3. What lovely ornaments, especially the birds. I have a few birds sitting here that need eyes and a beak so I can post them in my shop, but they are not ornies, they are scrubbies ;-)

    I'm sorry, but the humidity makes me cranky because every insect with wings is after me - I've got mosquito bites in places that never see the light of day...I don't know how they can get to me like that - that's why I'm on the early bird schecule so that I can hibernate for the rest of the day without getting stung!

    Thanks for visiting me on my blog and have a wonderful week :-)

  4. Hey Gin good to hear from you. I was checking out the craft site just the other day and sent a link to a friend.

    Look like a lot of fun!

    it is so very hot here in Florida already.

    Talk to you soon.


  5. I love both.....that pig is really adorable....I am going to be late with the may one this month, but I let Val and my partner know....We are going camping all weekend!
    Happy memorial day......

  6. those birds are so cute and that piggy ROCKS!


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