Friday, November 4, 2016

Self Day

On a day, all alone, a shopping I did go on a beautiful weather day at a local small mall.

Bath and Body works pulled me in with their huge sign "Hand Soaps $3". I was actually out and desperately did need more counter pump soap. And at more than half off the original price. And a $10 off coupon to use toward my next purchase when I begin Christmas gift shopping.

I have no family or friends who like Rue21.  But I always fund some hot item at a hot price when I stop in there. And today was a great day to shop there. "Booties". Buy one get one $10. So a black one and a tan one.

I'm going for this new hot look.

Then to keep in the current holiday mood, I purchased turkey greeting cards. Five just alike to use for a turkey hunting game on Thanksgiving Day.

And if you want to know about lunch? I drove through Popeye's.  I accidentally ordered without a drink. Then at the pickup window I asked if I could add a drink. The girl  was super sweet. She gave me the drink free. Ummm, it seems to be too confusing to add a drink at the pickup window when you already paid at the first window. Thank you very much!

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