Monday, November 7, 2016

The little ones are so busy these days. I spent one day engaged in watching them do what they like.

A stop at the dirt bike track in their neighborhood to watch my little dirt bike rider. He's all about practice, practice, practice for his first big race.

All decked out in his practice racing gear - helmet, gloves, boots, chest protector, race pants. The shirt was from me, but you can't see.  It's a perfect dirt bike rider screen print that matches his bike color and racing number. 

These two were in a Halloween pageant with beauty dress and a Halloween theme outfit. Its a Sunburst Preliminary with chance to proceed to the state level and then the national level.

 The Halloween theme was a fun dress up part of the pageant. The little one was a pirate skull outfit. Complete with the pirate eyepatch in the form of the headband.

 She won queen in the 2/3 year old division. She kept saying she only wanted a trophy. She got her trophy and a crown.

The older one was a Halloween bat. With arm gloves that could fly as bat wings

She won queen in the 4/5 year old division and a few side awards. She likes the stage.

All are so little with so much energy. 

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  1. Oh how Awesome ! Both won Queen. That's wonderful ! They are 2 Beautiful little Girls!


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