Sunday, October 29, 2017

fall fest at school

I was delagated to attend the fall fest with  the youngest of the grands. I was all crazy excited about it and volunteered a booth, too. I would have to manage being with the little one and manning my both. We'll see how that turned out at. 

We started with the games and treats. 

And checked our loot a time or two. 

And We did face painting and a pumpkin craft.

She had time to help give out our treat bags, too. 

Fun day with all the costumed dressed kids.

Our little treat stand was built the day before for under $10.
* used large moving box -$0
* dollar tree Halloween table cloth, crepe paper rolls, $3
* scrap wood pieces - free
* a lot of tape and spray on adhesive - in my stash 
* suckers, bubble gum eyes, pixie sticks, gummy spiders, and spider rings for 120 trick or treaters. 

It was this from start to finish: 







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  1. Love the Booth ! Very Creative ! Looks like everyone had a good time - that's great - 'tis the Season.


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