Monday, October 23, 2017

getting scary

Not much setting up for Halloween since we never get cute little trick or treaters. 
I would go all out Halloween-y if I had trick or treaters stopping by. 

So for just us I'm down to one lonely lighted jack o'lantern sitting on the back porch, blooming yellow mums in my frog planters, and a dish of candy that keeps getting re-filled. 

My all time favorite Halloween decor is my two people sitting around the campfire making smores and passing time. 

I first used this as a decoration on a camping trip a few years ago for a decoration contest. I use it every year now if we go camping during the few weeks of Halloween contest. 

I shopped the dollar store looking for what I could get to set up something and as I walked the Halloween isles it all came together. 
* glow in the dark full length paper skeletons 
* black poster paper to make the fire ring
* gold glitter poster paper to make the flames
* string of orange halloween lights
* large black garbage bag cut in strips to hang as backdrop 
And then set it up with camping chairs and long dowel rods with marshmallows on the ends. 

Happy Trick or Treating!!


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