Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Sneaux Interruption

 Well, we call it sneaux (aka snow) here in south LA/MS. We were hitting 70 degrees Sunday. Then Monday about noon snow flurries came falling down to only last maybe 30 minutes. Don’t judge, I know it actually looks like fall with all the leaves, but it’s Jan 3. And it’s not like it’s a blizzard or anything. 

It interrupted my Valentines marathon. The wintery mix put me in a winter mood. I scrounged up some snowy looking stuff from my junk box and made a cute wintery wreath. 

* snowy owl 

* dollar tree styrofoam wreath

*white chunky yarn

* baby’s breath flowery stems 

* red and white glittery balls 

The owl is from Hobby Lobby Christmas 66%  off sale a few days before Christmas. Yes! I scored quiet a few cute ornaments for about $1 something each. 

My version of a snowy day wreath is cute!

Tomorrow I’ll be back in Valentine mode. 


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  1. I bet some kiddos were excited to see snow down there! We haven't had a ton of the white stuff yet but I'm sure we will eventually. It is Ohio after all! I love your wreath and I feel it says Winter in the cutest way. Better than a snow shovel! Have a good week!


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