Monday, February 7, 2022

Still At It

 Yes, my quilting never ceases. It’s a passion. It’s enjoyment. It’s my downtime. It’s my therapy. January got 2 quilts in the books. One I had committed to making a quilt for a huge organized softball raffle for Brooklyn’s league. They have a great list of terrific prizes to win - a grill master grill, large flat screen tv, $100 gas gift card, Visa gift card, sack of crawfish, and the quilt.  The drawings are Feb 19th, so it’s ready and packaged in plenty of time. 

The quilt pattern is vintage star. Of course, I put my spin on it and made it bigger and bigger. The bigger the blocks the quicker and easier it comes together. 

Here it is. 


The blues and lavenders are really bright and vivid in person with a thin gold metallic outline on the print designs. The fabrics are a matched line and blends so pretty. It measures 102x102. 

The second Jan quilt is the alligator against strips of blues and whites. It’s kinda my own mock-up of a piece of art work.this is the fourth alligator one I’ve made. I’ll just keep on hand and ready for someone who requests it. It’s a popular choice of the ones I make. With the blues, the thin blue stripes, the blue bubble look, with the white and ohhh that pop of green for the binding, it looks like the alligator in some blue water. 

This is not a good picture of it. It looks all crooked and out of  shape. But it’s better than the picture shows. I say, the bigger the blocks , the quicker and easier it is!

A hint for February quilts in the works is another giant vintage star and another bunny quilt. Stay tuned!


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  1. That's one lucky winner for sure that gets your beautiful quilt! I think all I've seen of yours are just perfect. I'm sure the February ones will be too. It's good to have a fun hobby like that! So talented!


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