Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dollar Haul

I needed a shopping fix. I needed a few items. I could probably really do without them. But I talked myself into stopping at Family Dollar after work.

Items bought for under $10.00 total:

1 - bag of Halloween fruit chewy candy. For my self , not to give out to trick or treaters because we never have any ghosts or goblins to visit. So it's just treat for myself. $2.00

3 - 5x7 picture frames. For my lovely new babies pictures. See the one baby picture already in the frame. I have this thing about symmetry. Where everything has to be alike. Like all first new grandbabies pictures in the same exact frame. Granted I only have 2 new babies now. But I bought 3 frames exactly alike. It's a long story but that's how I do things. So at $2.00 each = 6 bucks.

1 - cute change purse. In my elementary life we carried change purses to keep our change in for recess vending machines . Now in my adult life, if you are ever behind me in the checkout line you may see me digging in the bottom of my purse for exact change. Well, no more. All my change will now go into this little doggie change purse for quick access . Price $1

Then today a co-worker gave me a new "For Each New Day 2013 Planner", which fits in perfect with my new plan to follow Bobbie's 40 shades of pink organizing idea from day 7 of 31 days of October organizing. This Cost me nothing.

It was all cheap. It was a few quick things to pick up. And still have dollars in my purse.



  1. You sound organized ! Now you'll be buying two (or 3) of everything for those precious grandbabies.

  2. You are awesome. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment.


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