Sunday, October 14, 2012

I know some of my viewers will be intersted in this.

Visiting with the in-laws recently. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law had  a few family over to mark the occasion of their new home..
While I did not mark the occasion with pictures of the outside of the beautiful house, I do have inside shots of people posing. Though I think candid shots are the best, I have none.

House owner Judy and her daughter Amanda.

Amanda's 3 kids sitting at the kitchen island.

My other two sister-in-laws who are from out of town and out of state visiting for the occassion.

They built a log cabin and are in the process of being completely moved in by Christmas.
Which means we will probably have a family Christmas day there. But not on The Christmas Day. Thats how it usually is. A Christmas at this side of the family. A Christmas at his side of the family. A Christmas with best friends. A church family Christmas. An office Christmas.

This is getting me in the spirit of  Christmas!



  1. What a nice set of "Sisters-in-Law"
    I see the Mother-in-Law in the background. And, with those 2 new little precious grandbabies - - I know ya'lls Christmas will be extremely Blessed. Christmas is only 10 weeks away you know! I know you'll be putting up that Christmas Tree soon -

  2. wow! that is so is good to see you Gin!!!


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