Monday, October 1, 2012

For a shower

In the TuTu business for a little girl on the way. They were quick, easy, and fun to make.

So with my instructions via video and supplies, my sisters (here and here) took on the making of tutus for a baby shower.

I was quite impressed I might add. They did a fantastic job on the tutus , having never ever made one before until this time and had probably never ever even thought of ever making one.

One tutu, of green pink and white, to go around the cake.

One to spare  of pink and white, which we didn't need for shower decor, but will look awful cute when she turns one.

And two tutus, of all pink, attached to two onzies with a little personalization .

Really really really cute.


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  2. Peggy did them! With your excellent instructions, She did a really good job with them.


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