Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Guys and Gals

Weekend business separated the guys from the girls.

This is Part 1:Guys

Saturday the guys business was shopping at Bass Pro. The best entertainment for the day for them. 

Cohen kept them entertained for sure running fast pace thru the store. He's Like a streak of lightening. Which is why blurry pictures were sent to me. 

"Try and catch me if you can." They said he wouldn't stay in the cart. He wanted down. 

And the guys probably didn't want to leave either. 

The guys lounged around home till the girls got back .

Cohen was in guy heaven with trucks, 
riding 4wheeler, and eating all day long. 

Happy 14 months to Cohen yesterday!


  1. Too dang cute! My hubby would be happy at Pro Bass too...even with a toddler in tow! Happy Birthday to your cutie!

  2. I bet he and Paw-Paw will be making a lot of visits to Bass Pro. Has he found the sample (Free) dessert @ Bass Pro :>) The Little One is so cute !


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