Thursday, September 26, 2013

G & G - Part 2

The guys day was discussed in yesterday 's post if you would like to catch up. 

Today is girls day discussed. Hence, the title G & G (Guys and Girls). 

I did not get any pictures of the other girls who joined us for girls day at the pageant. But thank you for your appearance and support. 

Saturday was a pageant day for Brooklyn. If you have read my blog at all this year, you may recall her mom is obsessed with pageants. Actually obsessed with her winning queen. She hasn't won queen yet. She's placed numerous times in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and in side awards. But never queen. Hence her mom's obsession till she gets crowned queen. Which may or may not ever happen. Lets be real here. 

Two days of pageants, Saturday and Sunday. Let's begin. 

Saturday was Pink Poodle Goes To Paris.

Yay for Brooklyn! 2nd runner up, photogenic win and best fashion. 

She didn't really care about all the whoop-la. 

Silly girl. 

Then Sunday was LA Missy Prissy. 

Switch to Plan B. Normally, her mom takes her on stage And tries so hard to get her to smile and compete just a little. Plan B was for her dad to take her on stage. He held her hand and she did so cute. She walked, laughed, smiled, threw kisses, and didn't want to get off stage.  

Her mothers wish came true, finally. Mini Supreme Queen in 0-23 months division, and a few side Awards. All with special 
Thanks to her daddy who should have
Been doing this from the beginning.  

She got a queen's crown, sash, and trophy, all for her mom of course. 

At least there is one happy momma!

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