Thursday, September 19, 2013


I had so wanted to participate in get your DIY on series over at ,
But it didn't happen. Although, the first weeks 
Topic was blue and I had an unfinished blue 
Project in the works. 

So this DIY post is not the standard DIY. Instead
It's dresses, interestingly, yogurt. 

The I in DIY for today. Interestingly, I was so 
Warmed by the sweet actions of the person in
Front of me at the drive thru this week at
6:30 am. I only ordered a small drink, $1.69, but when 
I pulled up to the window to pay, the attendant 
Said the person ahead of me paid for mine. 
How sweet. 

You hear of those kind deeds but 
That's the first time I was the recipient. There was 
No one behind me, so I didn't know what to do . 
I know your suppose to keep it going. So I will 
Pick it back up tomorrow and do it for the person 
Behind me. It's a ray of sunshine to someone who 
Just might need a little caring at that moment. 

The D for today is dress. I have been sewing. My 
Sewing corner is a wreck. Jennifer gave me instructions 
For a baby pageant outfit she wanted. Not a pattern
To go by. Just an idea of what she wanted. I called
Her constantly to get her to measure certain areas 
On the baby. Example: how big around is her arm
Like if she was showing you her muscle. I had to
Know these things, you know.

I was scared. Maybe I wouldn't have the same 
Vision as her description of what she wanted. 
But it can always be redone, added to, or have time
To order one from somewhere else.

Her description was cheetah print with pink
Accent and off the shoulder. 
The pageant "LA Missy Prissy".

The final product with cheetah print, black sparkle 
Organza, pink satin, rhinestone chrystals, bloomers,
Arm cuffs, and bows. 

Thank goodness she loved it. Thank goodness
It came together really easy. Thank goodness
We don't have to scramble at the last minute 
To find an outfit. And it was fun to make. 

A tip for you sewers out there: hang the full
Layered skirt upside down and spray with
Extra hold hair spray and let dry then hang right
Side up. It stiffens the skirt layers and keeps
Them separated and gives it a crisp look. You
Probably already know this, though. Also, 
Alene's sells a spray fabric stiffener product. I
Meant to pick a can of that up, but forgot, 
So substituted extra hold hair spray. 

And lastly, the Y in DIY for the day is yogurt. 
We picked up both little ones from daycare early 
One day and stopped at Nom Nom yogurt. 
So it's yogurt time with the Mawmaw and the 

Listening to instructions. 

Big enough to feed himself, but with an
Empty spoon. Cause I couldn't take him
Home to his parents dirty. 

Nom Nom full. 

(FYI: nomnom is the name Of the yogurt chain shoppe. It's a self serve
And you choose your toppings and weigh 
Your cup of deliciousness and pay by its
Weight. ) What will they think of next. 

Disclosure: the layout of this post is odd with
The placement of capital letters in the wrong 
Places and lines ending abruptly in the wrong 
Places. I tried to fix it but it just got worse. 


  1. The 'babies' seem to be enjoying an afternoon with grandparents !
    And - - the 'cheetah' dress is adoreable! Great job !

  2. The cheetah dress is very cute. I'm sure your little one will look gorgeous!


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