Sunday, February 17, 2019

Another Win

You can say we have a dirt bike racer pro in the family. Another race this week and he placed 1st in the PeeWee Beginner Division.

It’s not if you win or loose, we know. It’s sportsmanship, competition, fun, and surely a learning experience in every way. But when giving it your all it sure is fun in the reward of 1st place. This is his second race in his lifetime of 6 and 1/2 years. It seems it’ll be a monthly event for sure from now on.

Last month he had a blue bike. This month an orange bike. His  dad is a dirt bike enthusiast since he was a kid, which we instilled in him growing up by buying him his first several dirt bikes as a kid. The dad has several dirt bikes in his collection over the years so he had the next size up to put Cohen on after his first race last month.

Call it a tight race. It was close. I was not at this race. But there in spirit with the pictures I was sent. Another race coming up. It has me on pins and needles wanting win after win after win now. I have to remember it’s fun for all no matter the results.


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