Friday, February 22, 2019


There is a 12-week challenge with 6 quilt projects over at Kim’s Project Quilting 10.
We’re on PQ10.4 this week and the project is pixel play.  Which is hard. And very time consuming. And something way beyond my thinking, I think. But I did my version of it from start to finish in the 7 days allowed in the rules of the challenge, For some reason I have to do a bed size quilt or at least a large throw size for any quilt I do. I don’t know why. That’s my own challenge I guess. The only subject on my mind for a pixelated project was a penquin. I couldn’t let go of not doing a penguin in some shape or form.

If it looks like a penquin, has the colors of a penquin, and surrounded by snow and a blue sky, then it must be a penquin.

It’s not a highly pixelated resolution, just a bare minimum pixelation. I don’t know if that is even the right jibber-jabber for pixel talk, but that’s how I’m calling it any way. Everything used was from my stash and measures 47”x54”, which is a great size for a baby to play on and kick around with.

Thank you PQ10 for pushing our limits on these challenges.




  1. This is adorable and big. I am sure any baby would love this one!

  2. I must say (again) - - God has Truly Blessed you with much Creativity. Your Hand-Made Quilts are Adoreable !

  3. Your quilts always amaze are so talented! Love them! The chicken one in the previous post is adorable! Have a good weekend!


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