Monday, July 14, 2014

Birthday Treats

Being the wife, momma, and mawmaw of the brood I make sure birthdays are highlighted, acknowledged, celebrated, and special. I actually want to celebrate everyones birthday exactly the same way every month.  The birthday party for June and July birthday's were for Jennifer, Cohen and Brynlee's actual birth-day being a newborn. The day ended with a bang with fireworks for the 4th.

We first met for a birthday dinner. The waitresses sang the Happy  Birthday restaurant song and both honorees were given their own little Mexican desert. The baby slept and didn't participate much. 

Cohen liked the attention of them singing  to him and he thanked them for his own special birthday dessert. Jennifer was embarrassed with the attention, but didnt mind eating her own special birthday dessert from them. 

Towards the end I excused myself to the restroom and snapped a few pictures of the group as they were packing up. 

Then cake and gifts. 

The real party for Cohen's 2nd birthday is coming up. But there is something in me that has to give a party anyway no matter how many more Bday parties they may have.  Jennifer's real bday was in June. But I am a month late with her

Also July is my dad's birthday month.  Wish he was here for his birthday party, he passed away over a year ago. But I will be thinking of him and acknowledging him in some way.

Happy Birthday!! 


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