Sunday, July 13, 2014

Southern Expo

I do like pageants. I like the fun and excitement and anticipation to see if all our hard work paid off. I like the preparation for them, planning the day or the weekend, choosing or making the outfits. I like meeting new people and making new friends. Of course, we are in it for the win. But sometimes we just have to take the fun and enjoyment of the day without the top win.

And that's how this weekend went down at the Southern States Expo. Fun, enjoyment, anticipation, and new friends.

Friday night was RWB competition  I made the dress. You can see about it here.

Here's our little contestant on stage.

Not very many smiles. But she enjoyed it.

She was tied for queen. So a double take on the runway was full of hugs from the two.

In the end she got 1st runner up Friday nite for the RWB. Which is fine. It was a tough competition.

Wikipedia says an "expo" is an exhibition of a like industry or company, so this Southern States Exp consisted of 5 pageants in 1 with 5 sets of judges and 5 times the titles for Saturday morning casual wear competition.

A bright, cute, and with a little bling tunic and capris was her outfit for the morning. And matching bow and sandals.  .

Still no real pretty smile. 

With ten other one year olds she did her best. No crown today but a lot of gifts from each of the 5 pageants. She placed as two 1st runner ups, two 2nd runner ups, and one third runner up.



  1. Beautiful ! - - - She's truly a little Beauty Queen in our Hearts - - Her outfits are Precious ! She looks like her Mother !

  2. Her outfits are really are very talented! But the true beauty is that little sweet face! Congrats on all the wins and runner-ups!


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