Thursday, July 10, 2014

Could Be Wonder Woman (project #15)

The second outfit to choose from for the RWB (red white blue) pageant is a 7 piece ensemble. 
Including top, shorts, 2 arm sleeves, head band, and a pair of fabric boots with red and blue spandex with white shining stars to make it really look good.  This actually looks like a rendition of Wonder Woman's outfit.

 This is the first time I've worked with spandex. And I love it. The stretch makes it fit like a glove. Of course, that's what it is suppose to do. 

I was thrilled to find a blue with white stars spandex. It fit into my plans perfect. So with red spandex and blue with white stars spandex it evolved. 

Simple, quick to cut out and sew together. I like that the shorts and top just slip on and fit like a glove. No back fasteners and no elastic in the waist. Yayyy!! 

The boots!! Super cute, super easy.
They are made to fit over shoes. Just measure length and width of shoes, 1/2 circumfrance of calf, and length of leg from underneath knee area to floor. I allowed for a two tone on this so you need to figure the boot cuff in with the length of the leg area. 

Cut 2 for each boot, using your measurements, adding 1/2 inch for seams. 

Stitch back seam from back of knee down to heel at floor.  Stitch front seam from under front of knee then down and around toes.  Use zigzag to hem top of boot under. Use zigzag to hem around foot, toes, and heel area AND stitching in a small elastic across bottom to hold boot on shoe. Make sense?

See how a shoe fits in the foot of the boot? 

Some rhinestone trim around the blue on the top and around the shorts waist and the cuff of the boot and a glittery star on the head band added a little bling. 

I love it. I think I am Wonder Woman. 


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