Tuesday, July 8, 2014

RWB Pageant Project # 14

A RWB pageant is coming up and while I was excited to get an outfit made for it, I've been shopping and collecting stuff for it.  Hobby Lobby, Hancocks, and Joann's should know me by now.  

Two outfits were made and the mom will soon make the winning choice of which outfit made the cut. 

The first fashion was a red white and blue dress with graduated size stars across the bodice and a cute little hat and boots to complete the look.  A petti slip on hand from another outfit brought out the flounce the skirt needed.  

The blue was cut and sewn into a one shoulder bodice with white ribbon strap sewn on the other shoulder and fastened in the back. 

Graduated size stars placed on the bodice in a cascading motion. I found package of varying size glittery stars in the craft department. I just glued them on. 

A circle skirt divided in 3 colors sewn together was cut and a fish line hem finished the edge. Then attached the skirt waist to the umpire bodice and a white ribbon for the umpire waist. 

These cute boots were found on ebay. I took the flowers off and will attach blue stars on the side or front.

Red glitttery shoes from a Christmas outfit last year are on standby. Deciding which to use. The blue star is just double sided taped on for now. 

A round top hat was made and embellished to complete the look. 

How cute again! 

For my own info I track the cost of each sewing project. It doesn't give a precise cost amount cause I sometimes buy things for the project then not use it but keep it in my stash for another project. Well, maybe not sometimes, more like all the time. 

Here's my cost breakdown. 

This is more than I usually spend on pageant outfits. There is some surplus tho that goes in my stash and that is good. 

Tomorrow will be the rundown of the second outfit. 


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  1. Beautiful Outfit - - Very Creative - - (I see you also use the 40% H.L. coupon - Great !)


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