Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2 swaps in - - 2 swaps out

I got home Sunday night from an out of town weekend. And what to my surprise! First a package from Holly for my beautiful Vintage Christmas Stocking package hosted by Priscilla. Thank you very much Holly.

It was a great package. From the creative wrappings to the most vintage gifts ever.
I love it all. And so much to love. The stocking is super! I love it. There is a little vase and a saucer with a pink flower. The fur wrapped gift is awesome. I love the little candies and the tea. The ribbons, the ornaments, the vintage light bulbs and light bulb streamer - to the journal, the towels and even lotion! I probably left something out, but believe me I will enjoy every item! Click on these pictures to get a better view of everything.

And another package! First, I must apologize to 2Fun4U . I had given up on the swap because it had ended a while back and I had not received it. It was for the Hot Drinks for Hot Mamas swap apron from 2fun4u hosted by Val.. The apron is great. The chocolate on chocolate lining with swirls looks just like hot chocolate! I love the apron. She also sent a cute tin of hot chocolate and a mug. Thank you 2fun4U.

I can't show what I sent Holly. She hasn't received it yet. But go here to check when she gets it. I hope she likes it. The other swap I sent was to be a handmade ornament or handmade hanging Christmas item. I can't show it yet either. I hope she likes it too.



  1. Ooops! I think I left a price tag on the lights! What was it- 35 cents? :>
    I remember the journal now! Ha-ha! It's supposed to be a little scrap book album. :>

    I hope you like the gold chocolates. They're my favorite candy in the whole wide world!

    Also meant to tell you that I painted the mini bird house and the old clothes pins. :>

    ~ Hearts ~

  2. gin - - your swap is very very festive - I love the old clothes pins - - very creative -- very festive -- -

  3. I posted about your wonderful package today!


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