Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December is here. A favorite holiday, another holiday of blessings, a time to spread good will and good cheer.

I find myself strolling thru the mall and stores getting lost in the Christmas music being played. I tune into the music instead of hurrying and scurrying about to get the gifts that I'm there for.
I've begun to watch the Christmas movies on tv and my favorite Christmas movies on dvds. Lounging around in pj's till mid morning on days not going to work is part of Christmas for me.

Me and my family members who exchange gifts every year have come up with a new tradition. We are going to pool our money we would have spent on gifts for each other and are giving it to a mission cause. We will still get together for food and visit, but it will have a new meaning this year.

I personally am choosing a childs name from the Angel Christmas Tree for a needy child in the area. I love to buy chilren's gifts, so this year I will buy for this little child and hope to make their Christmas a little merrier.

My blog is even getting in the holiday spirit. Can't you tell. Read this post slow because I have some Christmas songs that will play for you. They are awful slow starting, so take your time reading till the songs begin!! Even the weather is cooperating. Tonight it will be in the low 40's and high tomorrow in the 70's, and by the end of the week we will have a 35 degree night and 60's in the day. Hey, this is the south you know! Always perfect weather!

Check out my family blog to get some Christmas updates!

This week I will have my Christmas tree and decorations up!
It's only 23 days till Christmas!!



  1. Gin - Love that Christmas music playing while I read your blog - - - (once again - very creative & festive) - -I always loved going to your home during Christmas holidays - - it was alawys so inviting and so Christmas - - Your mission projects really exhibit the Christmas Spirit - - - Merry CHristmas =

  2. I love what you and your family are doing for Christmas!
    I also enjoyed your blog (thanks so much for stopping by the cabin and for your kind words!)!
    You have a beautiful home, a creative and sweet spirit, and a lovely family!
    Blessings to you!
    Claudia O.

  3. Morning, Gin!

    I'm burning one of those tarts right now! I'd never used them before and now I think I'm hooked!They work SO well.

    Hope you have a lovely day!

    ~ Hearts ~


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