Friday, December 26, 2008

Ritchie Family Christmas 2008

Christmas in our family last more than 1 day.
Several days before Christmas me and the girls of my family get together for just a Christmas lunch at one of our homes. This year it was at Bobbie's. We always say no gifts and we always do Peg's birthday that day. We had a good time. But I don't know why any one didn't take pictures. I hate that I have no pictures from that day
Christmas Eve is spent at my dad's with my side of the family. After everyone arrives, we all share in the conversation, exchange gifts, and enjoy snacks and coca cola and dr pepper. Goodness, no pictures from this either.
Christmas Day all our kids and their families come to our house. We start our Christmas dinner with saying the blessing. We read the Christmas Story from Luke 2:10-14 before we exchange gifts for the name we drew. Then we open gifts and stockings from Santa (which is mom and dad).
Then on to husbands parents to spend afternoon with his side of the family. Then back to our house for Christmas dinner leftovers, a little relaxation and then load the vehicles for the trip back to their own homes. No pictures from this either.
I hope your Christmas was just as enjoyable.
I hate to see it end. "Snap out of it==get back in reality," I tell myself. "There is a kitchen and living room that needs your undivided attention to be cleaned up and put back in order!"
Here's a limited view of our Christmas.


  1. What a lovely way to end Christmas Day - All the pix - and food - and family - and especially reading the Christmas Story as a family - - - I felt as if I was there - - Your family is very blessed.

    P.S. - Luv the Purse - Santa also brought me onE identical.

  2. What a cute way to display potos! You can sure tell that your family are animal lovers!

    We're still trying to get rid of our comter virus. Ug!

  3. Hi, Gin! We get rid of the virus and then it comes back! We're going to have to buy a better blocker. :<


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