Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow day

Thursday was a snow day. They are very few and very far in between. But you gotta love the snow day when it comes. This was my little tiny snowman. It was cold and only me and husband to build him, well - mainly me to build him.
The snow was fun and exciting for the day, but glad it's gone!



  1. Aw, glad you made a snowman! Texas had snow the other day, too! My 80 year old mother in law sounded just like an excited little girl! But yes, like your snow, hers quickly melted.

    ~ Cinamon hearts ~

  2. 'Frosty" is cute - - - - but I must say Louisiana folks received 5.5 inches in about 2 hours. it was awesome - - -

  3. our kids had SO much fun, they built one too. We might have had a bit more snow than you go though...theirs was about 3 feet tall.
    They were so sad when he melted late the next day.


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