Sunday, July 27, 2014

Princess Cheer OOC (Project #16)

I'm sewing for no particular reason at this moment. But I have a feeling this will definitely be worn soon..
My idea of a cheerleader OOC  outfit for a future pageant kept me in my sewing den. I had everything I needed until the very last when I need some bling to outline it with.

Light pink satin and white fabric was in my stash. And so was a large spool of white ribbon. I already have the meausrements so after thinking it thru a little I cut a rectangle of the pink in a 9" x 30", allowing for a 1" turn down at waist and 1" hem. With the rectangle I formed 4 equal pleats, 2 in front and 2 in back. Then I cut the white fabric into 4 rectangles that matched the pleated area and stitched it onto the pink. This makes each pleat with a white insert. Once on, the waist of the skirt will stretch out and will be smooth with no gathers.

The top is a rectangle cut to measurements allowing for seams and back fasteners. Cutting 2 to form a double layer for the top. Ribbon was sewn in a v-shape on the front bodice including extra length for fastening in back. And a white ribbon band sewn around the hem hedge of top.

I made my own princess appliques cut from a novelty fabric and ironed onto fusible webbing and ironed onto the skirt and one on the top. I glued some rhinestone trim down the pleats and around each princess applique and to the top added a little glitz. With some pink rhinestones glued around the skirt and top hem

I'm on the hunt for an expensive pair of pink sneakers to bling up, as well. And some toy Sofia pom-poms for $2 make a good accessory.

Cute, Cute, Cute. I have to talk the mom into letting her wear this when there is a pageant theme for it.


  1. That's really a wonderful outfit! Very cute and I do love the "bling" you put on it! She'll look adorable! Mom should really love it too.

  2. Adoreable - Love the Color ! And, also Very Creative. I, also, LOVE the "Bling". I know Mom will LOVE it as well!


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