Saturday, December 13, 2014

Why Projects? And Project #26

This blog didn't set out to be a sewing or craft blog. But this year has really been a lot about sewing or crafting. I set out on a brain storm to do a project every week. Thus, why some titles of posts have Project #  in them. 

I have now completed project #26 in week 49 of the year. So I'm short about 26 projects if I had done a project a week per my selfie challenge. But, in my defense, I've only blogged 26 projects. There were probably 26 more projects that I did that did not make it on the blog.  Like house projects, cooking projects, exercise projects, gardening projects. 

Project #26 is my last sewing project for the year. Unless I am so bored that I find something to sew. 

No. 26 is a version I'm not quite sure of
Just yet. First it was meant to be a reindeer theme.  Then as it went along reindeer didn't seem to fit it. 

So it's left up to the mom. Her decision. Reindeer?

 Or reindeer not? 

Though I'm positive the little red boots are the ones to go with on either. The  white boots can wait for another time. 

It's a five piece ensemble including hair bow, dress, bloomers, leggings, and boots. 

And the reindeer is kinda getting my vote now. 

I have to show you the completed Snowman outfit or rather Snowlady,  (I posted it a few posts back without the accessories).  I'm biased maybe, but how stinking cute! 

Eight piece ensemble includes top, skirt, separate underneath petti skirt, scarf, hat, mittens, boots, and fur topped socks. And if you count the 5 snowflakes on the boots, skirt front and back, and on the hat I will say it's a complete outfit.  

I amaze myself sometimes. And wonder how did I do that!

And Santa Baby is now complete also with top, shorts, hat, boots, and fur topped socks. 

To all this I add my Santa Letter:

Dear Santa. 
Please bring me my very own fine fabric store filled with bolts and bolts of awesome fabric and spools and spools and yards and yards of trims, ribbons, lace, and threads. And if not this, then bring joy and peace to the world. 


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  1. Love - Love the white outfit - satin - with the black trim & black boots ! Love the others also - - but the white outfit is my favorite ! Beautiful ! You do Marvelous Work !


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