Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

The start of our home Christmas time is always with the reading of "The Newborn King" after the Christmas meal and telling Jesus Happy Birthday. 

I admit, I am a little upset and jealous that they let another family member read the traditional story. All still and snuggle with her. Giving her their undivided attention. Except the baby noticing the camera person. 

Because when I tried in the beginning to have that special traditional story moment, I didn't get any snuggle quiet sweet moments for very long. 

Then the gifts started going around and things got fast and busy. 

Every corner of the room was filled with busyness.

The big kids and the little kids. 

All around. 

Some staying out of the way as not to get knee deep in wrappings and toys.

And the host and his girlfriend hostess who graciously took his turn to have everyone over for this years Christmas.

Of course there were obligatory posed pictures.

In groups of three.

Inside and outside. 

The baby three taken 300 times. 

The baby sisters two.

All the men. 

Her first Christmas.

A few other shots.

One of the adult gifts for the host. Fits him perfectly. 

My once a year group photo that I beg for. 

It would only take a second or two if even the adults would coroporate. 

And me.

And me at the end of the day. All is well.


  1. Looks like a very busy day filled with the important things that make Christmas, fun, food and not forgetting the reason for the season! Your Grandkids are beautiful! Happy New Year!

  2. You were upset and hurt they somewhat sat still for me? It was just cause I was new to it. They were still like herding squirrels.


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